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Whether you are a business or a public entity, we support you in your commitment to mastering your technical, human, and environmental risks, going beyond mere regulatory compliance to turn them into true levers for sustainable performance.

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You are unique. Based on your needs, your challenges, and your activity, we offer tailored and adapted expertise

We provide audit services, whether related to safety, the protectionof your assets and processes, your employees, or our environment, but also and above all consulting. Our goal: to master your risks, always being as close as possible to the reality of the field. 

Our activity does not stop there, as CHAVANON Conseil is also a certified training center allowing for financial support by the OPCOs.


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CHAVANON Conseil operates in the industrial, logistical, or event sectors,
supporting SMEs, large groups, and public entities.

Securing and optimizing flows

We support you in optimizing your processes.


Protection of your employees

Our ambition is the management of risks related to safety within your company.


Protection of our environment

We assist you in your approach to sustainable performance.


Safety and security management

We enhance safety within your entities by preventing malicious risks.


Centre de formation Chavanon Conseil


To offer you a complete service and ensure you are fully compliant with regulatory standards, CHAVANON Conseil is also a QUALIOPI certified training center. We offer a range of options tailored to your working conditions, but also to your activity and your challenges. To this end, after studying your needs and our discussions, we create materials together to be as close as possible to your reality.

These trainings are mostly conducted in person, within your company to simulate real conditions. However, in some situations and to adapt to the current health situation, they can be conducted via video conference. 


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  • Lean Approach and Continuous Improvement;
  • Optimization of the supply chain, favoring multimodal solutions;
  • Safety Consulting for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, inland waterway, air, and sea;
  • Security of infrastructures and organizations;
  • Radiation Protection Consulting;
  • ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 20121 (event activities), ISO 26001 (CSR), ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety), MASE standards;
  • ICPE Files (Environmental Compliance for Facilities);
  • Health Approval;
  • Disability Accessibility;
  • Security, Environmental, and CSR Management;
  • Training Strategy.
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Chavanon Conseil operates in France and abroad.

  • Logistics;
  • Agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and steel industries;
  • Nuclear sector;
  • Port and airport infrastructures;
  • Waste sector;
  • Public sector.



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