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Industrial performance and operational excellence

Our method, pragmatic and agile, involves the entire hierarchical line of the company, in a process of reducing losses to guarantee its performance.

Do you wish to identify your levers of action to make progress?

Based on listening and defining your needs and issues, CHAVANON Conseil combines technical culture with human development. Knowledge of the reality of workshops, factories, and warehouses allows our consultants to support operators in the field, and leaders in their strategy.

Our Lean approach improves customer satisfaction by intervening in production and logistics processes through the implementation of continuous improvement and problem-solving culture.


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Regulatory compliance for the transport of dangerous goods


Any company whose activity involves the shipment or land transport of dangerous goods, or the operations of packing, loading, filling, or unloading related to these transports, must designate a safety adviser, responsible for assisting in the prevention of risks to people, property, or the environment, inherent to these activities”, Chap of the ADR, RID, and ADN.

Does your activity require you to ship or transport dangerous materials?

Call on CHAVANON Conseil! Our teams operate throughout France, as well as abroad, and are at your disposal to study your needs.

Experts in the regulation of the transport of dangerous materials, we advise you on mastering your shipping, loading, or unloading operations. Whether your goods are shipped by road, rail, waterway, sea, or air, our role is also to assist you with the DREAL and the Nuclear Safety Authority.

Thanks to our skills and expertise, we ensure the compliance of the transport of dangerous goods: explosives, gases, chemicals, waste, radioactive, lithium batteries, asbestos.


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The different types transport

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Our TMD support

Our Quick Audits

In light of the financial and penal stakes associated with the transport of dangerous goods, do you wish to define your level of responsibility and compliance? The quick audit allows you to take stock of your practices in relation to the various regulations in force.

This impartial tool allows to evaluate,control, and verify within the defined scope, compliance with the ADR regulation:

  • Identify the dangerous goods;
  • Audit the logistics of your dangerous goods;
  • Analyze the compliance with the rules of transport of dangerous goods;
  • Study your environment and your activities;
  • Analyze the various risks present in your company;
  • Check the training plan for personnel;
  • Advise, recommend, and propose improvement measures.

Our services
annual regulations

In France as well as abroad, our teams carry out annual regulatory services on-site. We directly intervene with shippers and those receiving dangerous goods. Every year we draft your annual activity report and establish a concrete action plan with achievable and attainable objectives. We support you in monitoring actions, while providing you with the regulatory monitoring necessary for your activity.

Our Role

As experts in the safety of transporting dangerous goods, we have an advisory role towards you.

We support you in the development and follow-up of your action plans to ensure the reliability of your shipments:

  • Supporting you to master the various thresholds your activity is subject to;
  • Controlling your transport declarations (IATA, etc.) and Safety Data Sheets to prevent your goods from being left on the tarmac;
  • Anticipating regulatory developments.

Looking for advice, support?

Our expertise in organization will always be based on your context and challenges to provide you with customized and pragmatic solutions.

Establish a diagnosis

Defining with you the main directions and the various KPIs.

Establish action plans and roadmap

Support and deploy the various projects defined in the action plans

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Our trainings

To offer you a complete service, CHAVANON Conseil, a certified organization, provides a training catalog to meet your regulatory obligations.




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