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When we talk about security, it aims to protect organizations from specific malicious acts they may face. Today, all entities are exposed to these intentional acts. The risks of CBRN-e are numerous, so it is important not to neglect this aspect within your structure. Therefore, it is necessary to implement appropriate responses, whether in terms of anticipation, training, detection, or crisis management.

Acts of malice are not limited exclusively to terrorism. Indeed, they can be diverse, but always harmful to the continuation of your operations. Harming an entity can involve cyberattacks on computer networks, as well as theft or intrusions.

CHAVANON Conseil, a company specialized in risk management located in Oise, operates throughout France, as well as internationally (Europe, Africa) to assist you in implementing a security-safety system and ensuring its proper functioning.


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of your organization


your vulnerability based on weak signals

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malicious risks based on the most impactful threat scenarios


your security policy and instill the Security culture

From exercise to crisis management

infrastructures portuaires et aéroportuaires

Our Areas
of Intervention

We intervene to secure port and airport infrastructures and assess their security in light of the new threats faced by states. We also accompany you in selecting relevant devices, derived from our partnerships or technological watch.

Large-scale events (such as the Paris 2024 Olympics, Rugby World Cup, etc.), as well as event spaces (tourist locations, exhibitions), can be prime targets for malicious acts. That's why CHAVANON Conseil, in collaboration with competent authorities, assists security organizations in defining and adapting surveillance to enhance security. We validate specifications and can manage service providers.

CHAVANON Conseil enhances safety standards in the industrial sector and protects your data. We anticipate malicious acts and prepare a crisis management plan. Finally, we prepare a Business Continuity Plan to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Communities such as hospitals or government agencies are also susceptible to malicious acts, which is why CHAVANON Conseil provides project management assistance. We assist you in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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