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CHAVANON Conseil holds a strong environmental conviction. We are committed to assisting companies in mastering societal and environmental impacts. Our teams have a firm belief: the companies of tomorrow are those that convey true values ​​through their practices, products, and the communication surrounding them.

Whether you have health or environmental requirements, the desire to evolve your company by engaging in CSR initiatives, organizing an eco-responsible event through ISO 20121 certification, or promoting accessibility for people with reduced mobility to public establishments, CHAVANON Conseil is ready to discuss your project and support you.


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Carbon footprint assessment

Looking to establish your carbon footprint?

By reducing your greenhouse gas emissions for all your activities, you will anticipate the changes related to the energy transition that you will face.

Beyond calculating your GHG emissions, we support you in implementing your carbon strategy. There is still time to carry out your regulatory GHG inventory (article 75 of Law No. 2010-788 of July 12, 2010).

Our role:

  • Conduct your greenhouse gas emissions inventory;
  • Help you identify your energy-consuming areas and determine your Carbon strategy;
  • Assist you in defining a purchasing policy and a communication plan capable of raising awareness among your employees and involving your suppliers.

GEREP Declaration Assistance

Why outsource the completion of your annual declaration of emissions and transfers of pollutants and waste?

As an operator of an ICPE facility subject to authorization or registration, you are required to submit your various emissions and discharges declarations on the GEREP website: water, air, waste, soil.

The inspection of ICPE facilities may then ask you for justifications regarding your declarations. This technical and complicated declaration can quickly become tedious and time-consuming.

Based on your data, we can complete and submit your declaration, as well as respond to requests from the DREAL.


Is your activity subject to ICPE regulations?

When a company is subject to Classified Facilities for Environmental Protection (ICPE), it must comply with the current regulations. Therefore, a file must be constructed to carry out your activity while respecting regulatory requirements. CHAVANON Conseil accompanies you in all your steps related to ICPE. To learn more, contact us to study your activity and establish a diagnosis.

Our role:

  • Establish a classification assessment according to ICPE sections;
  • Proceed with the monitoring of studies (ATEX, acoustic, atmospheric and aqueous discharges);
  • Develop declaration, registration, or authorization files;
  • Monitor the company's ICPE file;
  • Conduct a regulatory compliance audit.

Why commit to an Environmental Management System today?

Simply to better understand the environmental impacts generated by your activities and to engage in a continuous improvement process capable of anticipating regulatory changes.

The ISO 14001 standard has several objectives aimed at reducing your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reducing your water consumption within your organization. Whether it's in your daily operations, in your production processes, or in transportation. This standard does not only target consumption and emissions; it also plays an important role in preventing and managing major incidents that could cause environmental disasters for biodiversity, humans, and the planet.

As an ISO 14000 internal auditor, we assist your company in implementing environmental management and obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Our role:

  • Conduct an internal audit of the existing situation;
  • Together, define an environmental policy adapted to your challenges and your activities;
  • Assist in planning the action plan;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the actions;
  • Provide evidence of the effectiveness of the actions;
  • Support you until certification is obtained.

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Do you need to prepare a sanitary approval file for the processing of meat by-products?

The sanitary approval file is mandatory for the processing of meat by-products. Whether you are a project developer or an operator of a methanization or composting unit, it must be established before any start of activity. Essential for the manufacture of fertilizers or biogas, compost, or even for participating in animal feed while limiting food waste, CHAVANON Conseil takes care of your sanitary approval file in its entirety and supports you in each of the steps.

Our role:

  • Conduct a preliminary audit based on regulatory requirements;
  • Analyze risks, determine CCPs, and preventive measures;
  • Compile the complete approval file;
  • Establish the Sanitary Control Plan;
  • Support the company until the approval number is obtained;

Provide HACCP training for managers and teams.


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