Management of your occupational risks


To help you achieve your goal: zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases.


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Support by an external radiation protection advisor

We carry out individual exposure assessments, dosimetric monitoring, medical visit tracking for your teams, as well as training and liaising with the ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority).

We establish Radiological Prevention Programs (RPP) and advise you on the radiological management of your teams.

In accordance with Article R. 4451-42, periodic inspections of work equipment are now carried out by the Radiation Protection Advisor.

Depending on your purchasing policy, CHAVANON Conseil can provide you with rental equipment (radiometer, contamination meter, etc.), whether for long periods, or simply to allow you to send your equipment for calibration.

Does your activity require the assistance of an external professional?

CHAVANON Conseil offers its expertise in radiation protection to industrialists and transporters, in addition to the role of Advisor for the Safety of Transport of radioactive sources.

In order to comply with Article R.4451-112 and continue to support you, CHAVANON Conseil has committed to a OCR certification process.

Accompagnement externe en protection des salariés

Being supported by an external employee protection advisor


Do you need an occupational risk prevention advisor ?

Because a work accident can happen quickly, and a human life hangs by a thread, being in regulatory compliance and training your teams is a duty. As an employer, you have a safety obligation towards your employees and thus a duty of result.

Serious or fatal accidents are major risks for your activity. Not controlling them endangers the survival of your entire company. This is why talking about safety culture is a fundamental pillar of your organization. It will be the guiding principle of all your projects with the health and safety of your employees at the center.

Does your company not have a competent employee to ensure the activity of protection and prevention of occupational risks? Would you prefer to be guided by a professional risk prevention officer or a radiation protection advisor? Contact CHAVANON Conseil for support and to offer a tailored solution adapted to your activity throughout France.


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Implementing a safety management system


There are many reasons why companies implement an occupational health and safety policy; starting with the introduction of a safety culture at the heart of the company. Its success depends on the involvement of all actors at all hierarchical levels. Our lean approach, close to the field and operators, allows us to define good KPIs, capable of sustainably reducing your TF1, TF2, and TF3. We support you in monitoring your projects and your continuous improvement processes.

Depending on your challenges and requirements, developing your activity by obtaining a certification such as ISO 45001 or MASE, is possible.

Our teams bring their expertise while adapting to your goals.

Management de la Sécurité

The challenges of occupational
risk management


By controlling and reducing workplace accidents.


By ensuring to prevent changes.


By conveying a better image of the company.


By moving towards new markets requiring

What training courses do we offer?

In order to offer you a comprehensive range of services, CHAVANON Conseil, a certified training organization, offers a range of training courses to meet your regulatory requirements.




Your expert in risk management

Would you like to be assisted by an expert in professional risk management?


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