4 deaths in an accident between a car and a tanker truck in Roye (80) on 27/07/21 at 8:30 pm.

Intervention of 64 firefighters and 30 gendarmes.

The car (207 cc) is said to have lost control, crossed the road, and collided head-on with the tanker truck coming from the opposite direction.

I regularly report on industrial and road incidents related to dangerous goods. This one particularly affects me because of the severity of the accident, on a road I use every week.

The tanker was carrying 24T of butyl acetate (UN1123), a flammable liquid, either GE II or GE III, depending on the case.

The rescue team deployed a foam blanket to limit the risk associated with the flammability of the product, as the tanker was damaged in the collision. This product is not classified as dangerous for the environment.

The transfer was carried out at night, using 2 other tankers. As a reminder, emergency transport operations carried out by the authorities or intended to save lives or protect the environment, are not subject to ADR regulations.

Once the chemical risk was eliminated, the extrication operations could begin.

Once again, I salute the first responders who face multiple risks (chemical risk, psychological risk, ...)

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