CHAVANON Conseil will be present at the 'Entreprises et Territoires' Exhibition on Tuesday, November 23rd in Beauvais.

Mastery of technical, human, and environmental risks in service to businesses.

Business and Territories: A Success for This First Edition in Compiègne


The first edition of the fair was a real success with 145 exhibitors and nearly 1000 participants.

This innovative, short format dedicated to local businesses allowed us to make great connections with industrialists, logisticians, and communities of the Oise region.

We thank the organizers (Cotéo), the Hauts de France Region, and of course the ARC, the Compiègne agglomeration, for this moment of professional meetings between local decision-makers and the SMEs present at the fair.

After Compiègne, Beauvais!

The wealth of contacts in Compiègne has reinforced our desire to meet with the territories. Therefore, we will be present on Tuesday, November 23, at the Beauvais fair, at the Elispace.

Let's meet at the fair...

And if you are a bit too far away that day, contact us.

CHAVANON Conseil: Assisting You in Managing Your Risks IPRP

By participating in this fair, we want to offer pragmatic solutions to both businesses and communities around our 4 professions:

- Securing and optimizing processes and flows: From the security of flows to operational excellence

-Employee Protection: Goal of 0 accidents and 0 occupational diseases

- Environmental Protection: Reducing the impacts of your activities

- Safety - Security Management: From risk analysis to crisis management


As a Professional Risk Prevention Practitioner, within the IPRP Hauts de France network of Carsat, we notably support:

- SMEs that do not have sufficient internal resources to manage their risks

- companies that wish to focus on their expertise and call on experienced external supports for tasks related to their activity.


Looking forward to meeting you at the Business and Territories fair in Beauvais!