Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank: Accident between Rouen and Alençon on 28/10/2021.

The tank containing 20,000L of carbon dioxide tipped over on the A28, for reasons not yet specified.

A part of the cargo evaporated.

Carbon dioxide can be transported in liquefied state under the UN1013 code (steel bottles) or in Refrigerated Liquefied state (tankers, containers), under the UN2187 code. The white vapors emanating from the truck demonstrate that the carbon dioxide was indeed transported in the form of Refrigerated Liquefied Gas.


1L of liquefied carbon dioxide = 500 L of carbon dioxide gas

Carbon dioxide is an odorless, invisible, non-flammable, and acidic gas (pH<4)

Uses of carbon dioxide:

  • Food industry: carbonated drinks. Packaged, frozen, and cooling processes.
  • Deburring and grinding.
  • Neutralization.
  • Metal processing.
  • Restoration.
  • Medications
  • Expanded plastic material


The accident required the intervention of 32 firefighters and a tanker to transfer the rest of the cargo.


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