Intervention at the International Congress of Port Security on May 18 in La Coruña, Spain.

The new security challenges in multimodal transportation related to lithium.

5th International Port Security Congress in La Coruña

The 5th International Port Security Congress took place from May 18 to 19, 2022, in the Galician port of La Coruña, in the Northwest of Spain.

It brought together various stakeholders from the sector, including the heads of different Spanish port authorities as well as speakers and participants from other European countries, South America, and Mexico.

A Presentation on Safety Challenges Related to Lithium

It was with great honor and pleasure that I accepted Mr. ANDRES PEDREIRA FERREÑO's invitation from Pixeling to discuss a current safety topic, namely, the safety challenges related to lithium in the context of multimodal activities.


My presentation covered the following topics:

- Lithium-related accidents in 2022

- Prevention and Protection: Reflections ...

- Management and shipment of used batteries: case studies from overseas territories

- Regulatory constraints and incorrect declarations of Dangerous Goods.

- The necessity of mandating the presence of Safety Advisors for shippers in the IMDG Code to secure maritime flow.





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